App Store Roundup: June 22nd

As is typical most days of the App Store, there will be many new releases on any particular day that are sure to entice many. Today is one of these days, with many exciting releases, so continue after the break for the latest releases and deals on the App Store.

The Act

The partnership between Chillingo and React Entertainment has produced an interactive comedy called The Act. Players swipe the screen to control protagonist Edward’s actions as he is thrown into a plethora of comedic scenarios. The game has a great retro 60’s feel to it, and is the result of years work. This one is worth a look at $2.99.

Asphalt 7: Heat

The seventh iteration in Gameloft’s arcade racing series Asphalt was released earlier today. This title consists of fast-paced street racing in exotic cars of all types, and for the unusually low price of $0.99, it really is a must have game for any iOS racing fan.

Bejeweled HD

Popcap’s iPad port of its popular iPhone title is now on sale, for the attractive price of just $1.99.


Known for its addictive gameplay, Madcoaster places you in control of a Roller Coaster that is out of control, as you navigate it through in endless course. This title has been around for a while now, but can now be picked up free of charge.


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