New Mac malware uncovered as Mountain Lion is released


Just hours after the release of Apple’s new OS, Mountain Lion, security firm Sophos has uncovered a potentially dangerous new malware designed for both Windows and Mac, nicknamed ‘Morcut’.

The malware, disguised as Adobe Flash Player, is stored in a .jar file, essentialy a .zip file that can only be read by Java. In the .jar, there are two files: one labelled Windows, one labelled Mac, and it will execute either file based on the OS that it detects. When the malware is activated, it executes a .class file named WebEnhancer which basically installs a back door for direct access to everything in your computer. The good news is that when it is executed, the following dialog box pops up:

They advise both PC and Mac users to uninstall Java altogether if they don’t regularly use it.

This occurrence brings back into the spotlight how behind Apple is in regards to security on its desktop platform, as pointed out by a Kaspersky analyst a few months ago. He points out that while Gatekeeper, a new feature in Mountain Lion, is a good first step, more needs to be done to stop cyber-criminals in their tracks, especially because of the growing popularity of the Mac platform.


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