Don’t charge your iPad with your iPhone charger [Tips]


Something that did not become apparent to me until recently was that the iPhone and iPad have different chargers. Although they are visually identical, the adapters vary in power output, with the iPhone having 5 Watts, compared to the iPad’s 10 Watts. The iPad charger is more powerful to more efficiently charge the tablet, which has a larger capacity battery. Since the iPhone charger’s capactiy is lower than that of the iPad, it will take considerably longer to charge the bigger device, which has much more demanding charging requirements. So if you’ve noticed your iPad charging at slow speeds, then chances are that the iPhone adapter is being used. As seen in the image above, the power output of the charger is seen on the top line of text. It is recommended that you use the iPad charger for charging both devices, as the iPhone will only draw 5 Watts out of the iPad charger, whereas the iPad will only get half of it’s maximum wattage out of the iPhone charger.


2 responses to “Don’t charge your iPad with your iPhone charger [Tips]

  1. Oh! This explains everything as to why it takes hours and hours to charge my iPad, as I use the same charger for both my iPad and iPhone devices. Hopefully also by swapping it will make my iPad’s battery life retain to greater lengths as in it’s current state can not withstand a few hours of use. Appreciate the extensive and accurate articles!

  2. I don’t know if this makes sense.. but when i charge my android phone with a playbook charger, it seems to charge noticeably faster.. would that mean it’s drawing more power. And if that’s the case, there would be a reason why phones aren’t equipped with higher capacity chargers.

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