Tweetbot for Mac Beta released, exclusive to existing users

Tapbots have just announced that their popular Mac Twitter client Tweetbot is now in the Beta stages (kind of, according to them). However, due to the cap restrictions enforced by Twitter, only existing users can update to the Beta through the website.

A lot of our Tweetbot for Mac Alpha users have worried about what’s going to happen to them now that the Alpha has been pulled. A few folks have suggested that we release a new version but without the ability to add any new accounts, we thought it was a good idea and have done that.

The changelog, in short, has a lot of emphasis on bug fixes (which there were a lot of in the Alpha):

Tweetbot for Mac (0.8.0) Change Log

lots of bug fixes

can paste images into new tweet window again

can copy tweets on timeline

can do ‘open in new column’ (they also have keyboard shortcuts)

multi-column swiping and keyboard

support much improved. Use tab shift/tab to move between columns.

better keyboard support: status detail +
many other views

profile view: can scroll user information so can see more tweets

drag and drop tweets has been improved

gap loading works properly now

context click on tweet action buttons in timeline

did I mention we fixed a bunch of bugs too?

After it is out of the Beta stage, it is expected to go on sale on the Mac App Store soon after. In the meantime, if you think you have access to the Beta, you can download it here.

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