Rovio’s ‘Bad Piggies’ released on iOS and Mac

Rovio’s highly anticipated title, Bad Piggies, has finally arrived on iOS, Android, Mac and PC. The game operates within the Angry Birds universe, however, gameplay mechanics are much different to the bird-flicking that has occurred for the past four titles.

In Bad Piggies, users are tasked with navigating the pigs to a destination, through the construction of flying machines and the like. A set of materials are given to the player, along with a grid for constructing the most efficient machine.

Of course, your performance on each level is rated out of three stars, with each being obtained through accomplishing set objectives.

The game includes 60 levels, with a steady difficulty increase taking things from easy to brutal in typical Rovio fashion. More levels have been promised, and judging by Rovio’s update history for the original Angry Birds, we should se a lot more content in the near future.

You can download Bad Pigges for iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Android.

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