Hide Newsstand in iOS without Jailbreaking [Tips]

Since its introduction in iOS5, Newsstand has either been a godsend or a burden to many users. While its functionality on the iPad is obvious, it is clearly unnecessary on iPhones and iPod touches, leaving many trying to get rid of it.

However, putting Newsstand in a folder, or removing it completely required a Jailbroken device, something that few people had.

Now thanks to jailbreak developer Filippo Bigarella, you can put the application in a folder with ease.

First, download utility app StifleStand to your Mac. Once the download is complete, you can open the app, plug in your iOS device, and click the Hide Newsstand button.

Newsstand will now be relegated to a new folder called ‘Magic,’ although the name can be changed. If you do press the Newsstand button in the folder, however, your device will reboot, so avoid the inconvenience by not pressing it.

If you want to remove the app from the folder, simply drag it back out of the folder.


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