Some thoughts regarding the future of Letterpress

Letterpress is the latest work of Tweetie creator Loren Brichter, who severed ties with Twitter nearly a year ago to work on personal projects. His new app, Letterpress, has been praised as the best social word game around, and according to The New York Times, it was downloaded upwards of 60,000 times on its first day of release.

There is no doubt that Letterpress is a heap of fun, and at times, it can be quite addictive, but looking back at the history of social games on the App Store, Letterpress’ good fortunes may be short lived.

Remember Draw Something, the incredibly popular drawing game, that was the equivalent to online Pictionary? While the game saw a massive influx of users weeks after release, a massive decline took place to the tune of 2.6 million users in May, only months after release.

This drop in users could be attributed to the acquisition of Draw Something developer OMGPOP by Zynga, who is widely hated within the gaming community.

Although one thing is clear regarding Letterpress, there needs to be ongoing support by Brichter, including new updates, which will add to the gameplay experience.

One improvement that needs to be made is the dictionary, which in some aspects, is not expansive enough. This matter has been addressed in a new Tumblr page, which is pleading for words to be added to the app’s dictionary. While most of these are names of products and places, there are a few genuine suggestions that really should’ve been included since the start.

It really is up to Brichter to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting, which is by no means an easy feat.

Analytics firm Flurry reported on the matter this month, and the data they collected is far from encouraging. Flurry found that a user’s interest in social game apps drops dramatically in a short amount of time. Within 30 days, only 47 percent of players will stick to a social mobile game, and after 90 days, just 27 percent will still be playing.

Brichter has a lot of work to still do, and in order to keep players interested, this work will have to be done within the next few weeks.

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