OS X 10.9 to feature Siri, as well as an Apple Maps API

Sticking to their yearly update schedule of OS X, Apple is expected to release the next iteration of OS X, called OS X 10.9, sometime next summer. What we haven’t heard much about is what exactly will be in the new OS, until today. 9to5Mac reports that Siri will be available on the new OS, as well as a new API using Apple’s plagued Maps service.

This API will allow developers to implement Apple Maps into apps for the Mac App Store. There are also whispers that Apple were apparently testing a fully-fledged Maps app for OS X, but 9to5Mac won’t confirm it yet.

Many sites have been reporting that people running 10.9 have visited their site from an IP address that points to the area where Apples headquarters are situated. We can only expect the number of reports to go up as OS X 10.9 continues to be tested and developed.

If all goes well, Mac OS X 10.9 should be available next summer. As to what cat it will be named after, that still remains a mystery.

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