Apple correctly places Mildura on the map, no need to use Google Maps anymore (for now)

20121211-183610.jpgThat’s better (almost)

Today The Guardian reports that Apple’s Maps application now points you to where Mildura actually is, rather than the middle of a national park which it did before today. Despite this, the white marker as you can see above is still suggesting that it’s in the middle of the national park, however inputting “Mildura” into the search bar will give you the actual position of the regional town.

This comes after Victoria Police issued a bulletin yesterday warning iPhone users on iOS 6 about the problem, where Mildura was marked as being somewhere in the Murray Sunset National Park.

Since its launch in iOS 6 a few months ago, Apple’s Maps application has copped an immense amount of criticism because of the inaccurate data that it’s tied to, even though its data from established navigation companies such as TomTom and Whereis. Apple unfortunately has little control of the data because of this, so it is essentially up to the navigation companies to update their data and hence fix issues like this that pop up.

20121211-174625.jpgThe purple marker is where Mildura actually is, the red marker is where Maps thought is was (until today)

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