Apple Products of the Future




Steve Jobs loved cars. According to J. Crew CEO and Apple board member Mickey Drexler, Jobs wanted to get into the automobile business and create an Apple branded car.


““Look at the car industry; it’s a tragedy in America. Who is designing the cars?” Drexler said. “Steve’s dream before he died was to design an iCar.” Drexler also said that, ”it would’ve been probably 50% of the market. He [Jobs] never did design it.”


If Jobs did ever build the iCar it would most likely have iOS products installed in the dashboard and headrests for backseat entertainment. It would also most likely have Siri integration.


Price: $100,000+





We need to work on the name but besides that this product could be the end of Microsoft. Microsoft makes millions of dollars off of the Xbox 360. If Apple could build a better gaming console it could mean the end of the Xbox and Microsoft. This product could also end Sony and the Playstation. Some of the features for this product could be Siri integration, Gamecenter syncing, and could be compatible with the iPhone and iPad.


This product could also be compatible with the next product on this list. The Apple TV


Price: $500





Apple has been rumored to be working on an Apple TV for years. It was a dream of Steve Jobs and a reality for Tim Cook. The only downside I see to the iTV is the price. Not the price of the TV, but the price for the television channel subscriptions. What has been rumored is that most of the good channels (AMC, TBS, USA) will cost $7 a month.


Some of the features for this product is Siri integration, Apple TV integration, Xbox compatibility (gasp!) and iGamer compatibility (if the product is made at the time).


Price: $1200 plus subscriptions






This is more of a hope than a hunch. If Apple really wants to take over the world this is the product for it. The iBrew could include integration with the iPhone and iPad and have Siri built into the device.


Price: $400

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