Get 8 great music apps for your mac for $39 [Deals]


The problem with many music apps is that they can get quite expensive. TuneUp, for example, costs around $50, which is a lot for an app that simply adds album art to your music in iTunes. Fortunately, this deal removes the expense of these kinds of apps, and gives you eight (yes, eight) of them for $39, with the bonus of 50GB of cloud space to fit all your tunes.

  • TuneUp (RRP $50) “Automagically” cleans up your iTunes library by adding missing cover art and song information while removing duplicate tracks. It also gets you lyrics, concert alerts, music videos and artist biographies.
  • MegaSeg DJ (RRP $99) is a powerful DJ music mixer which allows anyone to become a DJ. It combines rock solid software with killer performance, intuitive features and clean design.
  • The T-Pain Engine (RRP $30) allows you to create your own beats with the help of pre-installed ones, or lets you create your own from scratch. You can also record your vocals and add them straight in, and if you’re happy with what you’ve made, you can post it straight to SoundCloud.
  • Tracks (RRP $10) is a simple app that lets you access iTunes right from the menu bar. It lets you play and browse songs and even lets you buy songs from the iTunes store.
  • Flip4Mac Studio (RRP $49) is a multi-purpose app that lets you watch, edit and convert Windows Media on your Mac, create your own iPhone ringtones and share movies with friends and family working on Windows.
  • Boom for Mac (RRP $7) is another simple app that amplifies sound that comes out of your Mac. In addition, it also includes an equalizer so you can make music/videos etc. sound better.
  • Ondesoft Audio Recorder (RRP $30) is a very powerful audio recorder that allows you to record any audio (CDs, microphone, line-in devices) that comes out of your Mac. It also includes a nifty track editor that lets you crop, trim, cut and split any audio files.
  • SOS Online Backup (RRP $80 per year) is a cloud service that will offer you 50GB of cloud space where you can back up anything including documents, music, videos and more.

You can find this value-packed bundle here, but be quick, it expires on December 28, 2012


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