What Mac OS 11 Has To Have.

Apple Maps: 

Apple wants to add the iOS nightmare of an app to your Macbook or iMac. What good would it do? Well the first thing you think of is don’t you need maps when you’re traveling. Well yes. You could also have the Mac version send directions to your iOS device, which would save the hassle of having to put a lot of information into your iOS device while driving.


Siri could do wonders for the Macintosh devices. I have often wondered how easy it would be if I could just use Siri to find Folders or even websites. Websites such as Google have voice searches. Apple could add Siri to the notification bar on the side of your Macintosh.

Kill Dashboard: 

I hate Dashboard. Its useless and annoying. If you need the weather or the stocks or even airline times, that’s what your iPhone and the internet is for. It takes up to 45 seconds to update the widgets which can’t even be moved anywhere except in the Dashboard app. Either delete the app or add the ability to move the widgets onto the desktop.


The Apple iOS app could do wonders on the Mac. iCloud syncing with your iOS device could do wonders for the failing app.



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