Startrail, Marked, Music Recorder and Cookie Cutter are available for up to 80% off [Deals]

‘Tis the season of giving, and today, instead of three apps that AppyFridays usually publicises with big discounts, they have four:

Startrail (regular price $3.99, new – $0.99) gives boring mouse pointer some soul. Startrail turns it to animated arrow to impress everyone around and make the Mac navigation much more enjoyable.

Marked (regular price $3.99, new – $0.99) is beautifully designed previewer for MultiMarkdown, Markdown, Text and HTML files. Marked adds an ideal “live” Markdown preview to any text editor and a powerful set of tools to your writing workflow.

Music Recorder (regular price $19.99, new – $4.99) is a stylish and feature rich audio recorder, which empowers the ability to record computer audio, microphone and other audio input device in a single click. Plus more great tools.

Cookie Cutter (regular price $4.99, new – $0.99) is the an easy to use app that allows to select one of the 50+ shapes, place it on a photo, and seconds later to have the perfect cut out. Users can choose any background color – including transparent.

Because of the closure of the App Store for the Christmas season, these deals will be available until the 28th December, rather than at the end of this weekend.

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