The Year Of Apple

Yes the year is over. According to the Mayans we should not even be here. But we are and Apple is still leading the world in technology.



In 2010 Apple released the first ever tablet, the iPad. It changed the technology world forever. Now every company that sells any kind of computers or phones has a tablet for sell. From the Microsoft Surface to the Asus Transformer. The iPad is still the best-selling and consumer favorite. In March 2012 Apple updated its famed tablet with the third installment, “The New iPad” or iPad 3. This new iPad had LTE coverage, which caused an outrage to the countries and cities that don’t support 4G LTE. Besides that the new iPad really did not change much. It did lose some weight though.

ipad-3-fourth-generation-lightning iPadMini-Press-02-380-75

In October 2012 Apple released the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini. The iPad 4 added the lighting bolt charging port to the bottom of the iPad and replaced “the new iPad”. The iPad Mini reduced the screen size from 9.7” to 7.9”.



In October of 2012 Apple also released the iPhone 5. A major upgrade from the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5 increased the iPhone screen size from 3.5” to 4”. The iPhone 5 was met with a lot of criticism, from the back plate scuffing to easily to it being to big. The iPhone 5 is easily the best iPhone to date and probably the best phone ever. It includes a better camera than any phone ever. A new panoramic feature to the iPhone.



In October Apple also released their new line of iPod Touches and iPod Nanos. The new iPod touch included the new lighting bolt charging port, a better camera, a bigger screen (4”), and new colors. The iPod Nano got a complete redesign. From looking at it, its wonderful looking. The new iPod Nano really did not change that much besides the look of it. The new iPod does however include Bluetooth 4.0 which means that you can pair the iPod with wireless headphones or a wireless speaker. The only thing I hate about the new iPod is that it does not include Wi-Fi so to sync music to it you have to use the Apple Cable that comes with the product and a computer, (old school style). Another weird feature that the iPod Nano got is a wrist band, sort of like the ones the Wii Remote have that comes out of the bottom of the iPod. Another feature that I love about the iPod Nano is the FM radio. I have owned an Android phone that had an FM radio and it made a huge difference. Many times have I wanted FM radio on my iPhone 3GS or iPod touch for those times that my music is just not enough.




Apple released an updated line of Macintosh products this year. The Macbook Pro was updated and received a retina display. The Macbook’ design stayed the same as the one released in 2008 but only slimmer and lighter. Apple also updated the Macbook Air, Mac pro, and refreshed the current Macbook. In October of 2012 Apple updated the iMac, Mac Mini, and added the 13 inch Macbook Pro to the retina family. The best update for the Macintosh line is the iMac. The 21.5 inch and 27 inch iMacs both have slimmer and lighter casing. It also added the laminated screen to the iMac and faster processors.




Apple not only updated its hardware it also released new software for all its products. iOS 6 was released in late 2012. iOS 6 completely changed your iOS products. It dropped Google Maps for there in home map software Apple Maps. Apple Maps was so bad it has sparked complete boycotting of Apple products. Apple Maps has so many problems to begin with. First off the turn-by-turn directions would take you all over the world. To take a line from Saturday Night Live Apple Maps would “take you to Dunkin Donuts even though you wanted Starbucks”. The apps 3D view had so many malfunctions it was not even funny. Apple also added a new app, Passbook. The app you’ve never used. Passbook is a digital wallet that holds your MLB baseball tickets, Starbucks card, or even flight tickets. The app took a while to even take off. First off you have to go to the site PassSource. Then find your card or tickets, which are very select. Add your card or tickets to the app and then never open it again. Apple also redesigned the App Store and the iTunes Store.


Apple released a new operating system for the Macintosh. OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion. The new OS added Gamecenter, notification center, notes and reminders app, a new messages app, and iCloud support.


Apple sent out a complete redesign of iTunes this year. iTunes 11 has a new feature that everyone has raved about, “up next”. Instead of having to create a playlist for every kind of event, you can just add the songs to the up next list. iTunes 11 also made using the music app a ease to anyone.

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