Bloomberg confirms reports from WSJ and Digitimes: an iPhone mini is coming soon

1357764814.jpgOver the past couple of days, we have seen reports from Digitimes and The Wall Street Journal regarding the possible release of a cheaper iPhone, which is to be unveiled by the end of 2013. Now Bloomberg has added to the discussion, claiming that the device will come in at a price point between $99 to $149, and will be released in late 2013.

According to Bloomberg, the Cupertino company has been working on the more affordable iPhone since at least February of 2011. They are said to currently be in negotiations with U.S. carriers about plans for the phone.

This possible new strategy on behalf of Apple comes as a response to the dominance of makers like Samsung in the mobile space. Android is now making up the majority of smartphone shipments, with iOS way behind now.

Although it it nearly impossible to rival the amount of Android sales, due to the massive number of Android phones, Apple should be able to grab back some of the market with this new device.

A common complaint amongst consumers regarding the iPhone is its price, and now it seems that Apple is addressing that concern in hope of regaining a better market share.


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