Apple rumored to launch ‘iPhone math’ this year with 4.8-inch display

sales-120917We’ve heard our fair share of crazy iPhone rumors over the past few years, and the China Times hasn’t disappointed with a report detailing a larger iPhone, expected to debut this year. This report comes as rumors regarding an ‘iPhone mini’ continue to heat up, with Apple seemingly now under pressure to innovate as many doubt the future of the Cupertino company.

The device in question has a name, albiet an odd one. It is called the ‘iPhone Math.’ While the name of the device is questionable, and may be the result of poor translation, there is one other hallmark feature setting this device apart from its regular iPhone counterpart. This new iPhone has a 4.8-inch screen, close to an inch larger than that on the iPhone 5. In addition to this, the Math is said to have improved internals and an 8-megapixel camera.

If this rumor is somewhat true, it signifies a leap in their vision from what they believe is optimal, to focusing on what the users really want, which for most, is a bigger screen. This would put the iPhone more in line with its Android opponents, which feature displays close to 5-inches in size.

Apple’s main point in making the iPhone 5’s screen 4-inches is that one-handed use is still possible. This philosophy may indeed be thrown out the window if the rumor has some basis to it.

These slew of iPhone reports come as speculation regarding the future of Apple has reached a very negative point. With Apple’s stock price hovering around the $500 mark, $200 shy of its high point in 2012. Apple will announce its quarterly earnings on January 23rd, and whatever happens, it will have a profound impact on Apple’s share price, and attitudes towards the company’s future.




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