Would You Wear An iWatch?


With rumors everywhere about the new iPhone Math and new iPhone fingerprint security, there is also a little thing called the iWatch that is still being discussed. I myself am a huge fan of the idea, but what about other people? The consensus is a big yes. So far of the 100 people I’ve asked and polled, 89 have said they would love to wear one. But is this the Apple effect? Would you wear a $300 watch built by Acer?

What Features Would You Want? 


If Apple makes a iWatch it needs to include Siri. The voice recognition software has been a hit with the iPhone and is most likely making an appearance in the new Mac OSX. Siri would not only make the iWatch awesome but also functional.

Notification center.

How about the ability to sync your iWatch with your iPhone and iPad? With this feature apps could not only send their notifications to your iWatch but also it would help integrate this next great feature.


Texting, from your watch! How great would that be? One of the big additions to the iWatch could be the ability to text someone from your watch, making it the coolest gadget ever.

App Store: 

Of course! You have to be able to download apps for your new iWatch.


Listening to music while working out, from your watch. This could be the make it or break it feature for the iWatch. If done right it could eliminate the iPod Nano.

FM Radio: 

This is a feature Apple has included on some of the newer iPod Nano’s and is a feature that the iWatch has to have.


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