Apple looking to hire Software Engineers to ‘Re-imagine’ iLife interfaces

10x10209ub235efilifeApple is looking for two senior software engineers to join its iLife development team, to “re-imagine how user interfaces should be built and work.” These positions were advertised on the vacancies page of Apple’s website.

Apple’s iLife suite currently includes iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand. It saw its last major refresh in October of 2010, with the introduction of iLife ’11. Although the original suite included iWeb and iDVD, they are now discontinued, and the remaining iLife programs are purchasable through the Mac App Store for $14.99 each.

This new recruiting process to rejuvenate the iLife suite comes after the reshuffling of Apple’s Senior Staff, where Jony Ive became responsible for the Human Interface software teams within Apple, which is where iLife likely falls under. It has been said that Ive is wanting to eliminate many current design trends on iOS, although it is uncertain what his intentions are on OS X.


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