Weekly App Store Roundup: February 1st



Year Walk is coming later this month.

Year Walk, an upcoming adventure title from developer Simogo should be coming sometime this month. While Simogo’s earlier titles have been of a much more upbeat nature, Year Walk promises something much different.

Real Racing 3 developer diary released.

The third developer diary to the highly anticipated Real Racing 3 has been released, showing even more gameplay footage. Judging from the visuals, and the plethora of cars and tracks available in the game, Real Racing 3 will be something special, and definitely worth the wait.


Netbot for iPhone and iPad is free for a limited time.

Tapbots, the makers of App.net client Netbot, habe made the application free for a limited time. Both iPhone and iPad versions of the app debuted in October for $4.99 each. Both apps are very similar to Tweetbot, Tapbot’s Twitter client. For those currently a member of App.net, and are looking for an iOS client, then it is a no brainer.

IGN is giving away promo codes for Need For Speed Most Wanted.

EA have teamed up with IGN to give away complimentary copies of their most recent racing title Need For Speed Most Wanted. The game retails for $4.99, but can be downloaded for free by going to this link and claiming and redeeming the code.

Apple’s “Get Stuff Done” promotion enters its second week.

Apple’s new “Get Stuff Done” promotion on the Mac App Store is now in its second week, meaning another round of discounts is in order. Many popular apps, such as Clear and Things are heavily discounted, so head over to the Mac App Store to check the specials out.

Geared for iPad is free this weekend.

Geared is a puzzle game where players arrange gears across the screen to start a chain reaction. There are over 200 levels to play, and for this weekend, it is free.

App Updates:

Temple Run 2 moves to version 1.0.1.

Temple Run 2 was released last month to much acclaim, hitting the top of the charts in a matter of hours. It has now been updated to version 1.0.1, which includes a variety of bugs and improves performance on older devices.

Minecraft PE adds signs, clouds and other stuff that should’ve been there in the first place.

Minecraft PE is edging ever so much closer to its PC and Xbox equivalents with every update, and the latest version (v0.6/0.6.1) is no exception. This particular update introduces signs, armor, baby animals, clouds and falling sand, as well as an improved D-pad. 0.6.1 was released not long after 0.6 to fix quite a few bugs that were associated with signs and armor. Problems associated with saving worlds has also been fixed.

Apps of the week:

Frank’s Pick: Gesundheit!

Gesundheit! is a neat little game where you play the role of a young pig who is trying to save his friends from monsters and killer mosquitoes. The mobs find his snot too good to resist, and they’ll do anything to taste it. This is used as a way to distract the mobs from eating little piggie, and as a way to trick them into being eaten by a fish-like creature. Once all the mobs have been eaten, you complete the level and move on to the next one.


Nathan’s Pick: Fantastical for iPhone

Fantastical for iPhone has been out for a little while now, although I only purchased it a few days ago after deciding the stock Calendar app didn’t fulfil my needs. Fantastical’s main point of difference from the stock calendar app is the method events are added. While the calendar app requires you to fill out several items, Fantastical allows you to enter in a sentence, for example “publish app store roundup article at 12pm this Friday.” The app will identify the title, location, time and date, making the entry process much easier.


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  1. Upload error’ and no clue whatsoever. There shloud be more info imho. When it works it works fine although having to delete the line enter tweet’ is a bit annoying. I’d like to see an empty tweet here or the ability to use a template’ with i.e. time, date, location.

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