Real Racing 3 for iOS released in Australia and New Zealand

531567_10151438751984292_1638368769_nReal Racing 3, the highly anticipated iOS racing title from Australian developers Firemonkeys has been released, but only in Australia and New Zealand. The release of the title has been pushed back several times over the past months, although earlier this week it was announced that the game would be released worldwide on February 28th. However, this scheduled release date has been altered, with the title now in the hands of many players.

It is unclear at this point as to when gamers in the UK and US will see the title on their respective App Stores, but for now at least, it looks like gamers in Australia and New Zealand have exclusive access to the title.

Real Racing 3 comes to the App Store at the extremely appealing price of free. While previous titles in the series have launched around the $10 mark, RR3 takes a different approach through utilising in-app purchases to unlock new content. This choice, likely made by Firemonkeys’ owners EA, sees a push for players to spend real money in game, purchasing currency and new items. However, this has caused some uproar within the gaming community, with claims that this will ruin the overall game.

We will have our review of Real Racing 3 up very soon, so stay tuned to see if this latest Real Racing is a hit or miss.


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