Weekly App Store Roundup: February 22nd


New Releases

Year Walk for iOS has been released.

Screen Shot 2013-02-23 at 2.45.59 PMDeveloper Simogo has released their newest title, Year Walk, onto the App Store. It takes a departure from the studio’s more upbeat releases of the past in favour of a darker story. It places players in a first person adventure, as they roam through 19th Century Sweden solving puzzles. Critics reviews are extremely positive, with the game receiving multiple high scores from sites such as Touch Arcade and Eurogamer.

Clone Camera, a new release that allows you to make clones of yourself right on your iOS device

When you want to make clones of yourself in Photoshop, you pretty much have to be a pro at Photoshop to do it. But now with Clone Camera, a new release on the App Store, you can make your own clones with just a few swipes on your iOS device.


Plants Vs. Zombies free for a limited time.

PopCap’s critically acclaimed Plants Vs. Zombies has been featured as the App Store’s App of the Week, and hence, is free on both iPhone and iPad. The game tasks players with defending a house from a plethora of zombies through the use of fighting plants. If you’ve never played it before, then it is a must have.


Instashare is now available for iPad.

Instashare, the app that allows file transfers from iOS to OS X and vice versa, has now received an update that allows for use on iPad. Instashare is now a “plus” app, with the iPad and iPhone version both having distinct user interfaces. If you are looking for a file transfer application, the Instashare is free, and is extremely easy to use.

AirForShare updated with iPad and iPhone 5 support, and support for larger files

For a long time now, AirForShare had been a very simple app that allowed you only to share text and small files across a Wi-Fi network. There was no native app for iPad, no native app for Mac or PC, just the app and a simple web interface. Now, with quite a substantial update, AirForShare has been updated to support the iPhone 5’s native resolution, they’ve also made a version that works great with iPad, and you can now share up to 150 MB of files through an in-app purchase. Unlike Instashare, AirForShare can be accessed on any device with an Internet browser, so you’re not limited to only sharing files with a Mac, as it’s the only computer platform that Instashare supports at the moment.


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