iPhone 5S Said to be Ready for Release in August, New iPads to be Released in April

Yes, it’s only been several months since the iPhone 5 was launched, and even less that for the current model iPads, but already we have word on the release date of the successors. iMore today has claimed that the iPhone 5S will be launched sometime in August, while this year’s iPad lineup, consisting of the iPad 5 and the iPad mini 2, will be ready to be released in April.

In the past, the iPad 5 in particular was rumoured to not be ready until October due to supply constraints, however from today’s report, it seems that the situation has changed. Also in the past, the iPhone 5S was said to be ready for a July release.

In terms of what will be new with these new devices, iMore believes that, like every updated iOS device, it will receive a faster processor and a better camera, inside the same casing as the iPhone 5. The camera claim in particular seems to corroborate with earlier rumours that the phone would receive Sony’s new 13 megapixel sensor.

As for the iPads, leaked images of the purported iPad 5 have started to appear on the Internet, but none have been verified yet. If the leaks are legitimate, they could indeed point to a release in April. The iPad mini 2 may also share the spotlight with the iPad 5, but no guarantees are made in iMore’s latest report.

In the past, iMore has been been relatively reliable when it comes to rumours like this. They’ve had their fair share of rumours that never came to fruition, but they’ve been quite accurate for most of the time. At this point it’s still too early to start drawing conclusions from rumours like these, however, they will put some context to rumours that we will hear later in the year.


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