The iWatch to be released this year running iOS, have 4-5 day battery life

Apple-iwatch-Render-3The rumors regarding Apple’s iWatch are starting to heat up, with reports from Bloomberg and The Verge this morning giving more insight into the details of this new device. According to Bloomberg, Apple is hoping to release the iWatch before the end of 2013. It is said to make calls, provide maps, and may be more profitable than Apple’s rumored television set.


Features under consideration include letting users make calls, see the identity of incoming callers and check map coordinates, said one of the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans aren’t public. It would also house a pedometer for counting steps and sensors for monitoring health-related data, such as heart rates, this person said.

Bloomberg’s sources are claiming a 2013 release date is possible, with the Cupertino company already filing over 79 patents including the word “wrist.”

The Verge has also weighed in on the rumors, stating that the device will have 4-5 day battery life, and run iOS.

The goal is to last at least 4-5 days between charges, but the current watch prototypes are apparently only going for a couple days max.

This looks to be Apple’s biggest setback right now, and with battery life being an extremely important factor of this watch’s success, they need to get it right.

The device is said to run a version of iOS, which will allow notifications and the like to pass through the user’s iPhone.

The iWatch is a crucial element to Apple’s success this year, since their stock price has fallen so much in the past few months. With many speculating that Apple has no innovation left, and that they are only going downwards from here, it looks to be up to the iWatch to prove them wrong.

Rumors regarding the watch look to be heating up, and we’re sure to see more within the next few months.


2 responses to “The iWatch to be released this year running iOS, have 4-5 day battery life

  1. Randy morgan, nice comment. Kind of like Windows 8, or the new Black Berry. I like all the new tech and the first round of a new product usually has some things to work out. Getting it out brings these to the for front and makes the next edition even better. Then that editions issue will be seen and the next one will be better. At least we like to hope they will be better. As long as the issues are not total experience changing then that is OK. Siri is an example of this. In the beginning it was not good at all. So just do not use it. Experience is not enhanced, but still good. Siri now is really good and keeps getting better. Now I do admit Siri’s marketing could have been much less or taken in a different direction. Still my point is nothing will be perfect on release and apple has such a hi stander in the public eye that no matter what it does next it will be shot down as poor. Just some thoughts.

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