Weekly App Store Roundup: March 8th



Clean My Mac 2 has been released.


The successor to popular Mac utility Clean My Mac  has been released. Clean My Mac 2 improves on the formula set by the first iteration, and is one of the best Mac Apps we’ve ever used. Take a look at our review for Clean My Mac 2 here. The trial version is free to download and the full version is $39.95 from MacPaw’s website.

Angry Birds is free for the first time ever.


Probably the most popular mobile game ever, the original Angry Birds has always been priced at a couple of dollars. Until now. For this week only, Angry Birds is free on the app store in both iPhone and iPad variants.

App Updates:

Fantasical goes to version 1.1.Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 11.40.40 AM

Hugely popular calendar app Fantastical is now at version 1.1. There are a bunch of improvements in this new version:

– Multiple alerts when creating events
– Time zone support
– Duplicate or move events (tap and hold an event in the event list)
– Go to a specific date (tap and hold the red title bar)
– Event list is now scrollable when using the calendar
– Today’s timed events dim after the event has ended
– Copied text containing event info can automatically be made into an event
– Added setting to highlight weekends
– Added setting to show empty days on the DayTicker
– Added setting to display the number of today’s remaining events or date on the app icon badge
– State restoration (iOS 6 only)
– A staggering number of other improvements, parser enhancements, and bug fixes

Launch Center Pro updated to version 1.1.

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 11.45.32 AM

Launch Center Pro, an iPhone app that gives users access to quick shortcuts for apps and the like, is now at version 1.1. Improvements include:

– In-app messaging actions — group messaging and preset text
– In-app email actions — attach last photo taken or attach photo from the clipboard
– Clipboard actions — place text on clipboard, place last photo on clipboard, convert text on clipboard, and x-callback-url support
– Expanded Text Expander support — snippets can now be expanded automatically while launching an action
– New Tweet action — tweet last photo taken
– Reorganized Action Composer
– Bug fixes and other enhancements

Apps of the week:

Frank’s Pick:

My pick of the week is, although not a recent one, a really cool app called Actions. In essence, it is an app that wirelessly connects with your Mac or PC and allows you to control desktop apps with it. Out of the box, you can control the most popular desktop apps, including Chrome, Microsoft Word, Pages and even Photoshop. However you’re not limited to using it with only these apps. If you can spare the time, you can create your own actions based on keyboard shortcuts on apps that aren’t supported out of the box. Additionally, there are gestures that allow you to do basic things like Undo and copy/paste within any app on your desktop. You can find out more about Actions on their website.

Nathan’s Pick:

My pick for the week is Clean My Mac 2. I was impressed with the first version, but the new one blew me away. The interface is gorgeous to work with, and it does an excellent job of cleaning out unnecessary files from your computer. The price tag is steep, but definitely worth it. Check out my review for more info.

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