Apple Cuts iPad mini Shipments to Make Way for the 2nd-Generation iPad mini


According to DigiTimes, Apple has cut up to 20% of its iPad mini orders to make way for the second-generation iPad mini, according to sources who “make various components for the iPad mini”.

Apple has reportedly cut its shipments of the iPad mini to between 10-12 million units for the second quarter of 2013, according to industry sources. The figure is based on shipment information given from multiple sources who provide various components for Apple’s iPad mini.

DigiTimes goes on to mention that the sources said that they were preparing for a Q3 launch of the iPad mini, which corroborates with earlier claims of a release around this time.

Production cuts like this are quite common before the release of the next generation of iDevice or Mac. But it does seem a little early for a cut like this to happen this early. It could point to an earlier release as detailed by AppleInsider, but a later release date makes more sense since the iPad mini is still only a few months old.


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