Apple liaison reveals next two iPhones were developed under Steve Jobs

iPhone theft in San Francisco is a large problem, and this has resulted in District Attorney George Gascón taking action, persuading the telecommunications industry to “implement technology that disables cellphones and tablets after they are reported stolen.”

In this report, seen in the SF examiner detailing Gascón’s struggle, Apple’s Government Liaison was interviewed, possibly revealing some interesting details.

While Gascón did not receive the answers he set out for, saying that the Liaison “was almost like someone who’s been trained in the art of doing a lot of talking and saying nothing,” said liaison did reveal details about the creation of the iPhone.

According to the liaison, the next two generations of the iPhone “preceded Tim Cook.” Therefore, the technology Gascón wishes to implement in the phones is unlikely to be seen in the next iterations of the iPhone.

Also important though, is the liaison’s revealing that Steve Jobs may have overseen the creation of the next two iPhone models. While it was previously thought that Jobs had a part in the creation of the iPhone 5, his influence may be seen in the next two iPhones, with the first not expected for a number of months.



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