Reeder for iPad and Mac now free leading up to Google Reader closure

ReederFollowing Google’s announcement that their RSS reader will no longer operate effective from July 1st, many app developers using its platform have been left with a possibly useless app. Developer Silvio Rizzi has decided that his Google Reader application, Reeder, which operates on iPad, iPhone and Mac, should become free on all platforms except iPhone.

As detailed in his post on the Reeder website, development of the application will continue after July 1st, with many RSS readers looking to take Google Reader’s place soon. However, it is a matter of altering the application for these new RSS readers, which Rizzi has promised to do, as he further develops Reeder across all platforms to remain relevant.

If you haven’t got them already, now is a great time to grab Reeder for iPad and Mac, and even the iPhone app as well, at just $2.99, it is a steal.

Be sure to stay tuned to  the Reeder Twitter feed for more information.

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