The Mac Pro could be finally updated as soon as this month

The Mac Pro has been somewhat neglected by Apple after the rise of their iOS devices. But now a new report from MacDailyNews suggests that we could see the Mac Pro update that Tim Cook promised last year as soon as this month.

According to MacDailyNews:

Apple will announce its replacement for the company’s Mac Pro lineup this month, a source who has been correct about Apple product matters in the past has just informed us.

The site goes on to report that this new Mac is most likely to be ready for an April release, however, that date could slip to May or June.

Last year, the Mac Pro received quite an insignificant update, with Tim Cook announcing to the public that a much more significant update will be coming this year.

It’s now approaching nearly one thousand days since Apple released a proper update to the Mac Pro back in July 2010. And with the advent of mobile devices, including laptops, one must simply question the relevance of a big, powerful Mac. Apart from pro users, no one else really wants neither needs a computer with that kind of power. It’s kind of like the supercar of the computer world. No-one really needs it for daily purposes, but it’s something to behold in the hands of professionals.


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