Could this be the one of the first leaked components of the iPhone 5S?

What you’re looking at is an image comparing the iPhone 5’s camera sensor to one found on eTrade supply that’s believed to be for the iPhone 5S, which was found by the French site NowhereElse.

As you can see, the cable has been slightly modified to most likely accommodate other hardware changes. It’s still unknown whether the camera itself is any different. Knowing Apple, it probably will have another incremental upgrade.

NowhereElse also notes that this may not even be a 5S component, and that it could be a component for the rumoured lower-cost iPhone.

We know the iPhone 5S will remain more or less the same on the outside. But based on this image, it shows that Apple are redesigning the internals to accommodate new components. Despite my thoughts that a fingerprint sensor is not something Apple would do, it may be likely that it’s one of the new components that needs to be accommodated for.


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