Apple officially announces WWDC 2013

WWDCToday Apple has officially announced this year’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference that will take place from June 10 to 14 in San Francisco’s Moscone West centre. The event, like in the past, promises to allow developers to see and play around with the future versions of iOS and Mac OS X.

Tickets will be available from April 25th at 10 AM Pacific time for $1,599 a pop for all members of Apple’s Developer Programs.

With over 100 technical sessions and hand-on labs covering everything about Mac OS and iOS including Framework, Services, Tools, Graphics and games, Media and Core OS, it allows developers to get expert knowledge on how to integrate all of Apple’s developer tools into their own apps.

In addition, the Apple Design Awards are held to recognise the year’s most innovative and creative apps on both App Stores.

The best bit about the event is that Apple will reveal to the world the latest versions of iOS and Mac OS. It has long been rumoured that iOS 7 will be the most redesigned version of iOS since it was born in 2007 on the original iPhone because of the recent ousting of Scott Forstall, the former head of iOS. His replacement, Jony Ive, has already started to implement his own design values with the redesign of the Podcasts app, which did away with the skeuomorphic tape reels. If that is anything to go by, iOS 7 is going to be a hammer blow to the mobile device industry.

Mac OS 10.9 however has kept a very low profile. Apple originally announced with the release of Mac OS 10.7 Lion that it would release a new version of the OS every year, with an online preview usually popping up in the second quarter of the year. The preview of OS 10.9 hasn’t popped up on Apple’s site as of now, which could be an indication that more resources are being poured into the development of iOS 7. Mac OS 10.9 may not even be ready for launch at WWDC, but we’ll see about that at the opening keynote on June 10.

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