Retina iPad mini may soon be in production for a possible mid-year release [Analyst]

iPad-mini-blackFollowing an earlier report today from CNET, where analyst Richard Shim claimed a Retina iPad mini would be released in 2014, another report has been published from the same analyst, but this time, stating that a Retina iPad mini will be in production in the coming months, for a release sometime this year.

However contradictory this report is, since the same analyst has given two completely separate reports within the space of a day, it does make more sense for a Retina iPad mini to be released this year, rather than in 2014. In regards to holiday sales, a third-quarter launch of the Retina mini would take full advantage of this.

Shim goes on to say that mass production of panels will commence in June or July.

“We’re going to start to see a bunch of tablets [coming out] with a pixel density over 300. At a certain point it will be hard to discern that improved image quality,” he said.

It looks like tablets may now also be stepping up the resolution a level, with 300-PPI plus displays a definite possibility, resulting in some brilliant screens not only from Apple, but several other companies.

The iPad mini currently has a much lower PPI than Google’s Nexus 7, 163 versus 216. This would place Apple in a much more aggressive place with the iPad mini competition-wise, with a display that would be far superior to one of it’s major challengers.

The current iPad mini already draws quite a lot of attention as is, and with this possible Retina Display model coming this year, sales will surely skyrocket.


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