WWDC 2013 Preview

So after my long hiatus from Apple24Seven I have returned. I first want to acknowledge Frank and Nathan for maintaining the site and keeping you all informed.  These guys are the best.

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference usually shows all of us normal humans what has been going on inside of Apple’s mind the past year.

This is year is no different. In the past WWDC’s Apple has presented OS X 10.7 and iOS 5 (2011)  and iOS 6 (2012). This year most people are looking forward to iOS 7. After all the event sold out with in two minutes of announcement.

iOS 7:


What should we expect from the new iPhone operating system? Fingerprint scanning? Mind reading? The ability to drive your car with your phone?

No. The iPhone is not ready for these improvements, but you can look forward to these upgrades and improvements.

Complete Mail and Calendar Overhaul:


These two apps have become obsolete on the iPhone thanks to third-party apps that have improved the iPhone experience.

The popular email app Mailbox has replaced the standard Mail app for me and millions of others.

Calendar has not been replaced so much as it has been unused. The only thing I use my Calendar app for is remembering events. That’s what its for, right? Yes. But Apple wants you talking about its apps. It wants you to know that their calendar app is the best of all calendar apps, and right now its not.

It has been reported that Jony Ive, Apple’s iOS designer, is working on incorporating the iPhones software and hardware together. Synergy between apps and device.


Siri Improvements:


What is heralded as the future of technology, voice recognition is not that great right now. Siri often miss hears your voice and “Siri what’s the weather?” quickly becomes “Siri what’s the wearing?” Siri has trouble hearing and recognizing words with an accent. Right now Siri is more of a toy on the iPhone right now than an actual tool. One of the improvements Apple is working on is the ability to add Calendar events through Siri.

An idea I thought of for Siri is the “Siri Alarm”. At a time that you set, (i.e. 6AM) your normal phone alarm goes off waking you up. After you turn the alarm off Siri proceeds to read off your new emails, Facebook and Twitter notifications, and that days Weather. You could also customize what Siri reads in the morning. She could read from a headline of a newspaper such as the Washington Post or New York Times. But this is just my little idea, no reports of anything like it yet.

Siri and Maps Automobile Integration:


With iOS 7 Apple is wanting to integrate Siri and Apple Maps into new automobiles. It has already been done in the 2014 Chevrolet Sonic and Spark. With the new iOS being announced, these improvements are immanent.

New Lockscreen:

Ever since the first iPhone and iOS the lockscreen has basically stayed the same. The only change has been the addition of the camera app shortcut in iOS 6. It is bound to receive an upgrade soon and most likely with iOS 7.


OS X 10.9:

How could Apple improve the already great design of OS X 10.8? Mountain Lion is the greatest Apple OS ever and maybe even the greatest of all time. The new OS X is codenamed Cabernet. Does this mean will be “wineing” after its release? Or will it better with age?

iOS Features:


Ever since OS X 10.8 was released there have been rumors of adding iOS like features to the Macintosh’s.Multitasking is the biggest rumor of them all.  Just like when you double-tap the home button on an iPhone.  When you double-tap the space bar the multitasking swipable menu will appear and allow you to travel from one app to another with ease. iBooks, Newstand, and Apple Maps are also rumored. 



Ever since Siri was introduced on the iPhone 4S, Apple users have been asking the personal assistant be added to the Macs. While I see the upside to adding Siri to the Macs I also believe that the iOS version of Siri is not that great and that it would be more of a hindrance than of any use.

New Safari:

If you are still using Safari then this is for you. Apple plans on releasing a upgrade to the standard browser. The upgrade would include a faster browser with less bugs. Until then though, you are welcome to join me and use Google Chrome, which for now, is the best browser out there.

MacBook Upgrades:


According to Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has rumored that Apple will upgrade the line of MacBooks. According to Kuo the upgrade will feature a processer bump and longer battery life for the Macbooks.

iLife ’13 and iWork ’13:


Whatever happened to Pages, Numbers and Keynote? Don’t they still update them? Apparently not. Check out the Mac App Store for the apps and you will notice that Pages and Numbers retain the ’09 branding.

It does not get any better for iLife. Garageband, iPhoto, and iMovie are all retaining the ’11 branding for these apps.


So why has Apple not paid more attention to these apps like they do the iOS versions?

Do they even care about these collections? Walk into any Apple store and you will find them selling, iLife and iWorks #1 competitor, Microsoft Office. What happened Apple? Why are these apps not loved? One reason is because of competition. Pages has been beat by Evernote. Keynote by PowerPoint and Numbers is basically Excel. I myself, an Apple blogger, had to move to Evernote and Microsoft Office because I could not stand Pages. If Apple wants to earn fans back to iWork they will have to upgrade exponentially.

Apple SDK:

Apple refers to the Apple TV as a hobby. In reality it’s not even that. It’s locked up at Apple where only they can access apps. We need an SDK so we can access apps on the Apple TV. At the least add more content channels.

2013 Mac Pro:


After the 2012 WWDC, Tim Cook answered an Email from a concerned customer who wondered where his Mac Pro was. Cook replied with “don’t worry as we’re working on something really great for later next year.” Well it is “later next year”.

What do we expect for the 2013 Mac Pro? It will be smaller and more portable. It will also have the same power as the older Mac Pro.

Retina iMac and Retina Macbook Air:


With the Macbook Pro line already has Retina displays Apple and its fans will be pushing for a Retina version of the iMacs and Macbook Airs. If Apple plans on announcing anything hardware related that is not the Mac Pro than this is it. Look for it on June 14th.

What you won’t see at WWDC 2013:


Apple iWatch:


Everyone is expected Apple to release a smartwatch in the near future. Well they will not be announcing it at WWDC 2013. Apple’s version of the smartwatch is not ready for sales. They are still working it out. Also does anyone actually want it? Will it sale?

Apple TV:


The infamous Apple TV. It will include apps, streaming, and web browsers. Right? We will not know until the device is actually announced. Don’t expect to see it at this years WWDC or even next years.

New iOS devices:

The iPhone 5, iPad 4 and iPad Mini are not even a year old and we are already talking about replacing them.

iPhone 5S:

The iPhone 5S is supposed to be a cheaper version of the iPhone 5. Made out of plastic, the device is reported to have a price tag of $250.


iPad 5:

What else could we do to the iPad? I don’t know. The device has been resized and received Retina display within the past year.

Retina iPad Mini:


This device is plausible. The iPad, iPhone, and Macbook Pros all have Retina display. So why not the iPad Mini? The device is expected to be announced within the year and released by 2014.


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