Best Mac Antivirus

With the recent discovery of the virus OSX/KitM.A, a virus that tracks and stores screenshots of websites you visit, users are roaming the web looking for the best antivirus for their Macs.

Norton iAntivirus:


Norton’s free antivirus app from the Mac app store is what I am using on my Macbook Pro. I love it. It’s quick, simple, and has a great interface. The app cannot only scan your computer but also your Facebook account for those infamous “Check out this free iPad 4” spam posts, and can also scan select files. The app takes about an hour to scan your whole system. You can run it in the background while you browse the internet, watch videos, or write blog posts. The app has only detected one corrupted file on my computer and it instantly deleted it. The Norton iAntivirus app is free through the Mac app store.



Runs in the background

Takes up minimal ram


Does not run scheduled scans

Sophos Antivirus:


Sophos antivirus offers business grade protection for you at home. Sophos antivirus for Mac detects Windows and Mac malware. The on-access scanner automatically scans a file when you open it, move it, or scan it. Similar to the iAntivirus app, lets you scan separate files as well as your whole system. Another upside to Sophos is it offers e-mail notifications if a virus is found. A great feature for those with kids who own a Mac. Set up Sophos email notifications on your kids Mac and when an infected file is found you will know right away. Sophos antivirus can be downloaded from Sophos website for free.


Email notifications

Scheduled scans

Detects Windows and Mac malware


The interface is a bit advanced for some users

It updates the app everyday which can use some data plan.

Kaspersky Antivirus:


We are talking about the big boys now. Kaspersky offers website and email scans which can help when you are visiting those sketchy websites. It also offers instant scans of files, apps and websites. Kaspersky offers protection from all kinds of malware. From viruses to Trojans. I personally have never used Kaspersky so I don’t have any personal experience with it. If you have used Kaspersky add your comment at the bottom of the page with your experience.


Website scanning

Scans for apps


Price: Kaspersky 2013 costs $59.99 from the Kaspersky site but you can get it for $13.95 from Amazon.

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  1. Nice article, and I agree with you that Norton antivirus is a best option to keep your mac system secure, I have noticed that some peoples like to use Avast software but avast is so heavy and make your system very slow. I had different issues with Avast and took antivirus Support services to resolve those dirty issues created by avast.

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