Tall Chess for iPhone brings a fresh new take to the game

tall-chess-bannerThe game of chess has been around for a very long time now, and it’s even moved onto iOS devices in the recent years. However, these games have either not featured online multiplayer, or have just been ugly to use. However, that looks to change thanks to Tall Chess, a new app from developer Friends of The Web, who give iPhone chess a fresh start.

A major problem with many chess games on the iPhone is the size of the board. Traditionally, a chess board is a square, and this size does not agree well with the iPhone, especially the iPhone 5, with a taller screen size. This is where Tall Chess comes in, and as per the name, the chess board takes up the entire screen, with spaces being more rectangular in shape.

This results in a beautifully crafted experience, which carries on through the rest of the app, with its quirky colour palate ever changing, with simplistic chess board patterns really giving the whole app a fun vibe. Swiping your finger to the left in a game will even rewind time to view previous moves, especially good if you’re trying to see where you went wrong.

Tall Chess integrates with Game Center for multiplayer, allowing you to challenge friends to a game. Push notifications ensure that you are always reminded when your opponent plays their shot, and you can have multiple games going at once if you opt in for the $2.99 upgrade.

Tall Chess is free in the App Store now.

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