Everything thats new in iOS 7



As expected Jony Ive out did himself with the design of iOS 7. The graphic designer did as promised and updated the interface with flat and simple designs. Ive, who is not a believer of designing app icons after real life products. So the Notes app, which in the past was designed after a yellow legal pad, is now gone. Another new design is, instead of bars that show your phone signal strength, iOS 7 uses white dots on a translucent background. The dots will change from grey to white depending on your signal strength.


New Lock Screen: 


For the first time in iPhone history, Apple is changing the lock screen. Instead of two shiny bars on the top and bottom containing the clock and the slide to unlock logo. Instead, slide to unlock is translucent over the background.


New Notification Center:


Instead of a black linen background for the notification center, its now a very flat background. It looks great.


Interactive App Icons: 


The weather app is the only standard app I see that has this, but it warranted a mention. The weather app will now move and show the current weather on the icon. So if its rainy, that app icon will show rain. If its windy, its going to show wind.


New Keyboard: 


The new keyboard is more white than grey. It also has a translucency to it that allows you to see whats beneath it.


Control Center: 


Another Cydia tweak built into iOS 7. Control center is a pull up menu on the lock screen that allows you to adjust brightness, volume, and other settings such as WiFi, Airplane mode, rotation lock, or bluetooth. The control center also adds a flashlight tab along with other app shortcuts such as a music, camera, and other tabs. The control center will take on the look of the app you are in. So if you are in the messages app, and pull up the control center, the control center will become green and white under the translucency.




Safari will now start off at the full screen mode with the option to swipe down the app to bring up the search and address bar. Tabs are also changed. The tabs look like a carousel now. There is also no limit to how many tabs you can have open. It also borrows a feature from the Chrome app. You can now swipe to dismiss a tab. A feature I did not like in the Chrome app. Safari is also integrated with the new OSX feature, Apple Keychain. So all of your passwords will be saved in the Keychain app and can be remembered between all of your Apple devices.




You can now share files with anyone. No near field communication needed. AirDrop only supports iPhone 5, iPod 4th generation and iPad Mini.


Camera and Photos Apps: 


Camera now allows you to swipe between your camera’s. From panoramic to HDR. No more fumbling around in the camera app. Photos also updated for the first time ever. You can now search for a photo by its date or location. Apple has also finally integrated photo filters into the camera app.




Siri has a new voice now. You can choose between a female voice and a male voice now . It also changed interfaces. It now is a blurred background when opened. It looks similar to the Google Now app. You can also now tell Siri to change your settings. So you can now get Siri to change the brightness of your iPhone, or turn off cellular data.


App Store:


You can now search for apps by location now. So if you are in France and want apps about France, search for it by location. The app store will also update app automatically in the background now.




Apple finally revealed its big secret. The music streaming app to compete with Pandora and Spotify. The app will be free but with a few ads. iTunes Match users will get an ad free version.


There it is folks. I know its a lot to take in. Apple changed everything. But remember change can be very good, or very bad. We will have to wait and see.


“Think different”



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