New iWork for iOS and OS X coming later this year

Screen Shot 2012-09-14 at 5.10.32 PMAt Monday’s WWDC Keynote, much was announced in relation to software, with new versions of iOS and OS X, and the debut of iWork in the cloud, which allows users access to Pages, Keynote and Numbers from a computer browser. However, one little announcement may have been overlooked amidst all the big news, courtesy of Apple iWork VP Roger Rosner.

Just before his announcement of iWork in the iCloud, Rosner mentioned an update to iWork on both iOS and OS X platforms. The sentence didn’t receive much reception from the audience, and was said almost too quickly, with the bigger news in iWork in the cloud taking all the attention.

And later this year, we’re gonna have awesome new releases of both our Mac and iOS (iWork) suites

Regardless of whether or not the sentence was said with enough emphasis or not, this surely is a noteworthy announcement, coming at a time where people are questioning the future of iWork on the Mac, which hasn’t received a major update since 2009. Rosner didn’t just mention them as being updates, but as new releases, meaning that we could well see completely new versions of the software across both platforms.

Currently, the iWork suite is certainly looking dated, especially on iOS, which currently has the skeuomorphic visual style that will likely go as soon as possible, to fit in more nicely with iOS 7’s new modern look.

One response to “New iWork for iOS and OS X coming later this year

  1. I can’t wait for a new version of iWork. I still have ’08 because ’09 wasn’t a substantial upgrade. Five years have passed now and there must be some amazing features coming. I would like to see layers and TOC control, such as in Microsoft Office.

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